Have you ever been taken to places or moments by something intangible?.Have you ever been living in past and breathing in present ?.Aroma has this power.Shut your eyes and smell the freshly cut grass ,what does you mind create?.We all have the power which immerses us to old moments as we come across the aroma from our past.The smell from glue  has the power to take you back to childhood ,when you were proactive to creativity.If you accidentally pick a soap you’ve been using 4 years ago, the aroma of your old soap has tendency to recreate the memory from the past .You actually recreated moments from the past.If you come across a perfume your ex uses it.The first image that crosses the mind is of him and memories are flooded to your mind .This is known as “odor- evoked autobiographical memory”.Among these five senses ,the sense of smell has maximum efficiency to recall the memories. Isn’t it amazing!how these aromas are stored in our memory and how we are still attached to our past.The past which has never gone, just not created in our mind.


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