“The Unsealed Love”

The golden body of sand drifts with the gentle blow of wind. The glow reflecting her as an independent lady, who undergo various emotion throughout the day. The cold breeze whispers to her ear; playing this seductive game. The shore where he(sea) kisses this independent lady; the way he flows over her, his gentle touch. She falls for his immense gesture losing her own identity. Their body changing color, heart singing the same melody. Their intense adrenaline rush, the longing for each other let them make out under the open sky. The world witness the pure exchange of happiness with no frontier.

The way he plays with her hair; holding her wrist; leaning her head, leaves her to dwell deep into him. The deep she dives the more her urge to flow. His stay was just for short span; leading her to take the longer breath. With every passage of time, the sun is dawning: her glow is dawning. He was the soldier and hence has to return to his battalion. She didn’t see him coming, indeed faith let them bound. The promises were unsealed, the love was incomplete yet they have faith.


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