“The Glowing Filament”

The Yellow glowing beauty with the fire roaring in the skin.The shiny face and the serving nature: serving the mankind.A healer from the darkness shares the similar bond; truth and lie.Sometimes, when dusk of light has room for darkness; where truth mixed with the lie. You may ignore the rising sun, but you cannot escape the solar eclipse.Though the glow brings a fake amplitude to the skin tone but makes the life celebrating
Hello, “Mr.Darkness” you have given me the purpose to live.This life has a purpose to fulfill.The wide beam of light striking the shots of happiness.For me, you are my better half (Mr.Darkness).Without you, I am incomplete and aimless.Every day is the festive day if one has a purpose to fulfill; the purpose must imprint a strong impact on lives.In the high and low I am expected to be smiling.But dear, I too have high and low.I may also feel low and behave dim.

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